Purchasing Process

At United Builders, the process of purchasing a home is made easy for you. We lead you through it step by step, making sure in the end you have the home, lot, and special features that you want and need! Listed Below are the steps you follow to the completion of your home purchase.

1. Reserve Your Lot: At the beginning of the sales process, you should meet at United Builders to review available subdivision options for building. We can meet with your agent if you already have one, or with one of our Nob Hill Realty Agents.There is no difference in price whether you buy through a Nob Hill agent or your own. If you prefer, you can hold the lot of your choice by doing a lot reservation which includes a refundable deposit fee of $500. This allows you to hold your lot while we work to find out if your chosen floorplan, options, and financing will fit. (Optional)

2. Pricing: Work with United Builders friendly staff to decide on your floorplan as well as your preferred options and extras. We provide specific line-item pricing for each extra, so you can weigh for yourself the cost benefits.

3. Purchase & Sale Agreement: Within two weeks from the date of your lot reservation: Enter into a Purchase & Sale Agreement with United Builders. The purchase price will cover the full cost of your lot, your home and any extras you choose: there are no hidden charges.

4. Plan Drafting: As soon as we have a completed Purchase & Sale Agreement, along with a pre-approval letter from your lender, we begin drafting your plan, placing it on the lot of your choice, and adding any extras that you have selected. Depending on how complicated any changes are, this usually takes 1-2 weeks.

5. Plan Review: As soon as your plans come out of drafting our United Builders staff will then set up a mtg. with you to go over and review your final plans. At that time you will have the option of making any changes (redlines) that are necessary for you. Once all plans have been reviewed and any changes noted on the plan, you will be asked to sign-off, indicating that the specifics of the plans as drawn are what you have agreed to purchase.

6. Submit for Permit: Redlined plans are redrafted to reflect changes from the review (one day to two weeks depending on how extensive the changes are.). If no other changes have been made, your plans are then submitted to city or county authorities for permit. The permit review usually takes anywhere from 1-6 weeks depending on the location and general level of construction activity.

7. Permitted & Scheduled: Once the plan comes out with a permit, it is placed in order on our production schedule. From this point, the construction process seldom takes more that 120 days.

8. Material Selection: Within two weeks of the date permit is received, our interior designer will call you to set up and appointment to come in and make your material and color choices for your brand new home. This process usually takes about 4 hours and covers colors, surfaces, lighting, flooring, and most visible decoration and material inside and out. A wide range of choices are available in our standard material choices, or you can choose at this time to upgrade your material choices to give you home that special individuality.

9. Construction: During construction of your home you can follow its progress. Be sure to schedule some availability: our construction foreman will often call you to walk around your site as he stakes it out. Our electrician may call you when he is ready to set electrical boxes to see if you want to add or customize anything in your home for exactly how you will use it. You will find all of our employees very helpful and friendly through your whole building experience.

10. Certificate of Occupancy: The certificate of occupancy is issued by the city or county when the home is completed. It indicates that the city or county has reviewed the plans and inspected the work, and has decided that your home is ready for occupancy. Once this is received our Finish Foreman will schedule a walk-through with you where he explains the materials and features of the home and encourages you to make a "punch list" which includes anything that you might see that needs to be fixed, touched up or corrected. These things will be completed to your satisfaction.

11. Closing of Sale: Your bank will order an appraisal at or slightly before the Certificate Of Occupancy.This is done so your loan can close for purchasing the property. You will be asked to come to the Title or Escrow company to sign papers transferring the property over to you. Once these documents are signed by United Builders and yourself and funds have been transferred, you are the proud owner of your new home!

12. Warranty: After the closing process is finalized at your Title Company, we will then go thru the warranty process with you and provide you with the keys to your brand new United Builders quality built home!







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