United Builders of Washington is one of the oldest continuously operating homebuilders in the state of Washington. Founded by John Strosahl in 1949 and run today by his sons, Steve and Pat, we are proud of our heritage of building thousands of homes for residents of Eastern Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

Our focus has long been on the first and second time homebuyer who needs an affordable home, built to last a lifetime. In recent years we have added designs and homes that speak to a wider range of customers and different needs and desires. But they are all based on the enduring value that is created by: Union Carpenters - the only unionized residential builder in the state. We consistently hire and develop trained journeyman and master carpenters who are continuously trained and who are apprenticed in their trade.

Great Materials - we furnish our homes with name-brand top quality materials -- Trane Furnaces, Moen Faucets, Kenmore Appliances, Shaw carpets, and many more. Our philosophy on our standard offerings? The best value on a great basic chassis, let the customer customize on bells and whistles.

Great Plans - Interior spaces that sing. Flexible designs perfected over the years to meet any life situation, with great sight lines, well thought-through for traffic patterns, sight lines and multiple use to get the very most living from every square foot of house. And new plans, built to the same standard, to meet today's evolving lifestyles.

Great Flexibility -- We don't just built the same house over and over. We can customize our plans to your needs or even build your plans to create a home exactly fitted to your lifestyle and needs.

Great Organization -- How can we make affordable homes with well-compensated skilled carpenters? By having a very good organization that knows what it's doing, and by working hard every minute to get our customers the best value.

Great Material Usage -- Our plans and building techniques minimize our waste pile so the customer doesn't pay for a lot of material that isn't used. It's part of our philosophy of getting the most from every hour and from every inch.

That's why we say, Come on Home, to United Builders' Quality


Proudly presenting two signature projects...

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...and on YOUR lot or in projects throughout Eastern Washington.

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